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My pants are falling off...My pants are falling off!!!  Working out with Nancy is not easy but consistency pays off. Down 14 pounds Dropped 2 sizes.  Almost there!!!

Bfit Athletic club is more than just a gym. Led by the amazing trainer Nancy Smith, Bfit is a team of committed individuals that support each other while achieving their exercise and health goals. The workouts are vigorous with modifications for those like myself with injuries. But we don't just workout, we play together running races, hiking, whitewater rapids, etc.



I started my fitness journey in 2014, I walked in and Nancy immediately said, I'm going to work with you, She has had faith in me, when I did not, I have a long ways to go, have slipped, fallen, and tumbled. She has stayed with me. She actually saved my life with me working out. I don't think I would have made it had I kept going the route of a sedentary lifestyle. I can walk miles now, I can move, I do races, introduced me to white water rafting which is now my love. I can't imagine a life without her or my fitness family. I'm not leaving, I will reach my goal. If you are or have been thinking about getting in shape, I believe joining a fitness team, (that's what we are a team), rather than joining a gym like LA Fitness is more beneficial because you have the most positive people surrounding with support, you will not fall off early, but you;ll get toned and meet the most awesome people in the world.




In all my years of fitness I have to say that I absolutely love Nancy Lewis Smith as a trainer and friend. It doesn't matter how exhausted I may be when I walk in the class and the torture...lol I sometimes experience, I absolutely love it and so 

does my body.... Nancy will motivate you to realize your potential no matter your size, age or gender, she simply loves watching and helping you reach that place...Kudos to Nancy for following your dream
We love you to life​!!!


Nancy is an amazing trainer and a really nice, genuine, and compassionate person. She truly cares about your health, your fitness goals and works hard to develop a plan that will help you reach the stars!
Even though I'm a newbie, it feels like I've been there forever because she's got such an awesome supportive group!
But don't get it twisted BECAUSE when I tell you that she is working out muscles that forgot they existed "SHE IS" LOL AND I want you to know that she's NO JOKE! But she keeps it fun and individually adheres to your tolerance level!
I enjoy my workouts and I like "feeling the burn!" (even though I hate squats)
This has been one of the BEST investments that I've made for myself in a long, long, time!
So, if you wanna have fun, get healthy, and get in shape...
Call Nancy at Bfit!
See ya there!!! Kim,
MY MOTTO---> "Get in shape, Lose weight=a size 8" when she's making me do squats!
Gotta keep hope alive!!! Lol


I heard about Bfit from a neighbor. The day I called Nancy, she asked questions about where I was and what I wanted to accomplish and invited me to come to the Monday class. The moment I walked in the door I knew this is where I belonged. There were women at all different levels of fitness, encouraging each other and most important dedicated to creating a more healthy lifestyle.
"Trust the Journey" is one of Nancy's mottos and I am starting to learn to do just that. She has made me uncomfortable and I'm doing something I have never done...RUN...while I may be slow...I actually RUN!!! Like most people, I'm not where I need to be, but I know I'm stronger and more confident because of her.
Nancy has created a Bfit family atmosphere where we laugh, we work out, we run, and we enjoy each other which has helped the members support each other in our individual and collective journeys.
Come to a class, meet us at Stone Mountain on Saturday morning but know this, Nancy will meet you where you are and help you get where you need to be....with a group of women AND men...dedicated to help you achieve your goals.

Commit to Bfit and enjoy the journey!!!!!Angel Paschall-Harmon


I have been a member of the BFit bootcamp for 8 months. I am a procrastinator when it comes to working out although Lord knowns that working out was not an option but a MUST! I was looking for a workout gym that would help to motivate me to want to continue to come. I never thought that I would find a gym that has such wonderful positive members who constantly encourage each other that they can do whatever workout task that we have to do.I complain and groan from pain throughout the entire workout but my workout team just look over and say YOU GOT THIS, which gives me the encouragement to complete the workout.

Two months into me coming to the gym Nancy told me to just keep coming and to (trust the process). At that moment I decided to try because I never lost weight or so any results when working out at any of the many mnay gyms and or bootcamps that I tried over the years.Because of the BFit bootcamp I have lost weight and toned up which is something that I didn't think that I could accomplish.Thanks Nancy and my wonderful BFit team who encourages me to keep coming and really commit to be fit.You guys are truly a blessing


Last year around the end of April, I saw a co-worker that I had not seen in a while. The first thing I noticed was how great she looked. I asked her how had she lost so much weight and gotten into such great shape. She told me about Bfit and Nancy Smith, the owner. I called Nancy shortly after talking to my co-worker and the rest is history. I joined Bfit Athletic Club in May of 2015. I must say, although, I had worked out in the past, I never really enjoyed working out. After joining Bfit, I can honestly say that I truly enjoy working out and I look forward to it. I love the group of ladies that I work out with and Nancy is the best. She pushes you to get uncomfortable while at the same time, encouraging you. I also enjoy how we switch the workouts up. While most of them are at the gym, when the weather permits, we may be at Stone Mountain Park one day hiking or climbing the mountain. We also do other things such as white water rafting, participating as a group in different races , etc. If you are looking for a nice, clean gym with a great trainer, give Bfit a try. You will love the results and the atmosphere!!!


I love BFit. My new work out family been consistently working out there since September 2015 and have seen a dramatic change in my endurance, body and strength. If you're over 30 normal "not skinny" and want to change your life with fitness ? This is the place for you. No shade to the skinny people--more than welcome. This is a no body shaming place to be. If you stick with it you'll see results. This is Nancy's passion and it shows. We also have a lot of fun. Check us out!If you want to challenge yourself and by getting uncomfortable, please try it out for a week!


I started this journey with Nancy, who is the owner and trainer of Bfit six years ago. It has been a fantastic journey. Bfit has been a good fit for me, she provides the exercises based on your own personal abilities and there is a true commitment to your overall well being. Bfit truly makes exercising fun even when you do not feel like it, it is addicting and provides results.


All I can say is you have nothing to lose but weight. In addition, to losing weight you gain a family. In the words of Nancy Lewis-Smith...Get uncomfortable and it will become habit.


Nancy is the best. Patient and dedicated to helping her clients reach their fullest fitness goals. She goes above and beyond. She is not just a trainer, but a friend. She truly wants to see you succeed. It's not just about the money...